Versatile, Reliable, and Expert Technology Services

Design and Development

We are experts in both Greenfield and Brownfield application development. We build applications with a User-Centred Design (UCD) approach rather than a feature-driven approach. Our cross-functional development team works collaboratively to build strategic partnerships from product conceptualization to solution implementation. We develop solutions that support our clients for years to come. Our team delivers fault tolerant applications adhering to industry standard methodologies such as Twelve Factor App, and Reactive Manifesto. Our solutions minimize technical debt, which is essential to keeping the product roadmap flexible and quickly responding to changing requirements. We understand the good and the bad of microservices beyond the hype.

Cloud Native

Our cloud-native expertise spans across the entire gamut - including microservices architecture, container-based applications, dynamic orchestration of compute, storage, and networking resources. Our cloud-native approach speeds up how our clients build new applications, optimize the existing ones, and connect them all together. We focus on an architecture’s modularity, loose coupling, and the independence of its services to speed up application delivery . Each microservice implements a business capability, runs in its own process, and communicates via application programming interfaces (APIs) or messaging. For legacy apps, optimization is supported by DevOps workflows like continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) and fully automated deployment operations.

Project and Portfolio Management

We develop systems focused on users' core requirements. Our team leverages open source solutions to develop sustainable solutions that are adaptive to change, cost effective, scalable, and end-to-end tested. Our team gives back to the open source community by sending valuable pull requests to open source libraries and doing most of our software development on the open source. Our approach to developing systems is focused on choosing the right tool for the right job. We build software applications on a range of platforms to meet the specific needs of our clients so they can deliver flawless services to their customers.

Data Analytics

We are experts at the Big Data Landscape - Infrastructure, Analytics, and Applications. We use open-source, lightning fast, reactive and distributed cluster computing frameworks - Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Casandra, ElasticSearch, Akka. - to enable fast and powerful large-scale data processing. To meet the business goals, we provide end-to-end big data expertise starting with the type of analytics to implement (batch, streaming, real-time or offline), what frameworks/language to select, how to achieve the required framework performance, how to integrate different architecture elements (Spark, a database, a streaming processor, etc)., and how to build applications architecture to facilitate code reuse, quality and performance.


Our service capability for bioinformatics is as deep as it is sophisticated. With the help of our expert team of bioinformaticians, statisticians, molecular biologists, computer scientists, and scientific programmers, we provide in-depth bioinformatics analysis to provide high-quality, publication-ready genomics and proteomics data, including Next Generation Sequence data management and analysis, Genotyping and SNP data analysis, Microarray data analysis and tools, structural and functional genomics, and statistic and bio-mathematical modeling.


We think of DevSecOps not just as a collection of tools, but as a holistic process, grounded in the DevOps mindset. Our experts leverage the inherent security benefits of modern cloud platforms to build automated security checkpoints, thus creating unprecedented protection from costly vulnerabilities. We codify testing, monitoring and reporting, embed them in the continuous delivery pipeline to generate fast feedback loops regarding the state of the infrastructure security, across the system.