Who we are

HSI is a full stack digital consultancy that working synergistically with clients to achieve the state of continuous transformation and innovation. We have startup agility coupled with enterprise expertise. We believe transformation isn’t just a rush to catch up, it’s an opportunity to liberate people to fulfill their creative potential, to work more collaboratively, and to enjoy more meaningful professional relationships.


While we make for a highly ambitious team, our decisions and practices are all rooted in our core values, which include:


Shubhi Mishra J.D., M.S. (CEO): Ms. Mishra has many years of experience overseeing multi-million-dollar IDIQs. BPAs, and Task Orders. She has extensive experience in helping public and private organizations achieve their business objectives. She blends deep knowledge of technology with thorough understanding of collaborative research to develop and deploy solutions that integrate bioinformatics with traditional IT in supporting collaborative research business processes. She has over decade’s worth of experience assisting federal government agencies as a technology and organization consultant to effectively manage change, adopt innovative technology, and improve processes. She is also a published author of scientific papers. Ms. Mishra received her Masters in Bioinformatics from Boston University and her Juris Doctorate from George Washington University.


As CMMI-DEV Level 3 certified professionals, the quality of work we provide to our clients is aided with cutting-edge technology education. Our Level-3 qualification of CMMI indicates we employ CMMI best practices for product and service development, hence delivering quality of service few can compete with.

True service quality is a difficult feat to achieve, one that we, the team at HSI, have been able to ensure due to our commitment to customer-centric practices in line with our core values. It is a concept that goes beyond meeting project objectives and becomes a beacon of guidance for us even before we begin work on a client’s service brief. It is ingrained as a central measure in our selection of resources for the team, our QA practices, innovative solutions, and everything we do. When it comes to delivering superior quality services in any of the domains we approach together, our clients know we have them covered.