Human Centered Design

May 28, 2019

Let’s start with the basics.. What is Human-Centered Design (HCD)? HCD is an approach that helps make sure new products are tailor-made to meet people’s needs and wants. It ca...

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Python for Machine Learning

May 02, 2019

CIO LEVEL SUMMARY: Machine Learning can be difficult to implement by hand, but packages in python like SciKit Learn, Keras, and Tensorflow create an environment where b...

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Intro to HPC

February 15, 2019

CIO LEVEL SUMMARY: High Performance Computing (HPC) uses existing technology to create a high level of performance that is above and beyond what a typical computer can ...

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Dimensionality Reduction

January 04, 2019

CIO Level Summary Modern datasets often have a large number of features which add richness, but also complexity. In situations where the complexity of the dat...

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CNN Object Detection

December 02, 2018

CIO LEVEL SUMMARY: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) expand the principles of Feed Forward Neural Networks in order to preserve spatial relationships between input da...

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Neural Networks

October 12, 2018

CIO LEVEL SUMMARY: Neural Networks (NNs) are a useful and flexible tool that can help learn patterns from data that humans cannot Neural Networks contain layer...

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